What is CodePool in Magento ?

codePool is a Tag which you have to specify when registering a new module in app/etc/modules/MERG_Module.xml

In Magento, 3 types of codePool.

1. core

2. community

3. local

All are resided at app/code/ directory.

core codePool, generally used by Magento core team. community used by third party extensions. And local codePlool should be used for in-hour module development and overriding of core and community modules for custom requirement.

So, codePool, used in Magento for locate module in app/code/ for processing data code.

core CodePool : app/code/core/

community CodePool : app/code/community/

local CodePool : app/code/local/

In sort, using codePool Magento can understand where to Find Files for that extensions/modules.

Description of CodePool in Magento


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