Some Computer good tricks and tips everyone should know

Some computer good tricks and tips will helps you many ways in routine life. Knowing this things, you will be different from others. Let’s, enjoy the tricks.

1. Have you seen Google Timer?


2.View password beyond the asterisk format :

Just right click on the password box. And click on Inspect Element. You will get html code. You can see type=”password”. Just double click on it and change type=”password” to type=”text”. Now your password will be on text format.

3. Peep through live cameras by typing these in Google :

  • inurl:”CgiStart?page=”
  • inurl:/view.shtml* intitle:”Live View / — AXIS
  • inurl:view/view.shtml
  • inurl:ViewerFrame?Mode=
  • inurl:ViewerFrame?Mode=Refresh
  • inurl:axis-cgi/jpg

4. Few useful keyboard shortcuts below :

  • Open the task manager directly by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC
  • Open the run command by pressing WIN+R
  • Lock windows by pressing WIN+L
  • Stack current window to the left half of the screen by pressing WIN+Left arrow key
  • Stack current window to the right half of the screen by pressing WIN+Right arrow key
  • open accidentally closed tab by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+T
  • Instead of deleting one letter at a time delete an entire word one at a time by pressing CTRL+BACKSPACE

5. Use chrome as text editor :

Just write in url : data:text/html, <html contenteditable> .Now, your chrome browser in edit mode.

6. How to avoid someone on your phone?

If You Want To Avoid Someone On Your Phone But Do Not Want To Reveal That You Have Switched Off Your Phone, Remove The Battery, Instead Of Switching It Off. Switching Off Phone Will Notify Mobile Switching Center And Callers Will Receive The Switched Off Notification.

7.When visiting Any Video On YouTube Replace YouTube With Following Things Given In Video URL To See The Magic :

  • Just Replace “youtube” with “listentoyoutube” in the URL and paste it in your address bar to download the audio of the video. It’s
  • Just Replace “youtube” with “ssyoutube” in the URL and paste it in your address bar to download the video in any quality available.
  • Just Replace “youtube” with “nsfwyoutube” and paste it in your address bar to bypass age restriction.
  • Just Replace “youtube” with “youtubeskip” in the URL and paste it in your address bar and you won’t see ads.
  • Just Replace “youtube” with “listenonrepeat” in the URL and paste it in your address bar to repeat the video automatically . Like,  it’s become
  • Just Replace “youtube” with “gifyoutube” in the URL and paste it in your address bar to convert video into gif format .

8. Press SHIFT+ESC to open Google chrome’s inbuilt taskmanager.

9. To close a Tab press middle mouse button.

10. YouTube hotkeys :

  • Press F to view the video in Fullscreen mode
  • To pause a video: Press K.
  • To skip 10 seconds back and forward: Press J and L respectively.
  • Press M to toggle Mute.
  • “Shift + > key” will increase the playback speed. “Shift + <” will decrease it.
  • Toggle captions using C.
  • Number Keys to jump to the respective percentage of the video.
  • Press B for changing the background of the Subtitles.

I hope, you are enjoying this post Some Computer good tricks and tips everyone should know.

11. Bored! Type these in Google and click on I’m feeling lucky

  • Atari Breakout
  • Do a barrel roll
  • Tilt
  • Google in 1998
  • Google gravity
  • Zerg rush
  • Pacman
  • blink html
  • Google underwater

12. Do you want to explore Space?

Visit https://www.Google.Com/sky To Explore Space

13. Do you want to get Country specific page on google?

Getting redirected to country specific Google search page. Try Http://Google.Com/Ncr in order to avoid this.

14. Drag any audio or video files in chrome window and chrome will start playing it.

15. Do you know how to download your favourite movies from Google directly? 

Just typing on search bar like +”index of” ”Your Movie Name” Release date

16.Search direct links of your favourite mp3 songs.

intitle:index.of?mp3 Your song name here

17. What I have to take care while booking Airline Tickets Online?

Use incognito mode on browsers to visit Airline websites. As airline website will use your own cookies against you by raising the price the more times you check and you knowingly unknowingly will fall into their trap.

18. Windows gives very few number of primitive options when we select the send to option as shown in the pic below :

To get more options Hold shift and then Right click.You will be able to send your files to all the folders inside the User’s file folder (in my case it is Schnieder (Top Leftmost icon on the desktop)) as shown below


19.Lost Your Android Phone?

You Can Ring Your Phone Even If It Is In Silent Mode, Erase Data, Or Lock Your Smartphone Remotely Using Android Device Manager

20. Are you feeling bored while traveling?

While Travelling Open Http://En.Wikipedia.Org/Wiki/Special:Nearby In Your Phone To Read Articles Based On Your Location.

21. Get direct links to pdf files on google. Just type

FILETYPE:pdf your pdf file name

(Note: To get direct links of ppt or other file extension just replace the pdf with other file extension).

22. How to be more impressive on presentation?

Save your presentation files as pps instead of ppt. Saving your files as pps will open the slide show directly and your presentation will look more professional.

I hope all computer good tricks and tips helps you in your routine life as a life hack points. Comment new points if you know very interesting like above.

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