How To Install Magento manually and on server

Installing Magento, there is two ways. Softaculous autoinstaller and manually. Here, I mentioned main basic 4 step to install Magento manually.

Step 1: Download the Magento installation package

Step 2: Upload the Magento files to your server (Or localhost)

Step 3: Create a MySQL Database for Magento to use 

Step 4: Go through the Magento installation process

Lets, get step by step brief instruction.

In Step 1, First you need to download updated installation packages from official Magento website. Download Here

After Download all packages. In Step 2,Upload your all packages to your server. Whatever place you host. Local or any hosting provider. upload your packages.

Now, create simple database. Keep in mind, Don’t forgot to name this database. You may required in further process.

In Step 4, this is Magento Installation process last step. Write your website url in any browser. e.g, . You will get below screen. Checked on I agree button. and press continue button.

Magento installation process step-1

You will get below screen after click on continue button.


You can set here, local timezone and currency as per your requirement. After setting your localization click on continue button for further process. You will get below screen like this.


Enter your host, database name, username, password. And also, you can set your Magento store admin panel username and password. Set here. and skip all other basic step. Which are not mandatory while installation.

Set your profile here.


After clicking on continue button. Magento will create all basic tables by self and installation complete. You will get screen like this.


Well Done !! , Magento store created successfully. Click on “Go To Frontend” you will redirect to your front store and clicking on “Go To Backend” you will redirect to backend of your store.

Let me know, If you have any difficulty while installing Magento. I will sure help to you. Learn codePool in Magento

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