How to share live video on Facebook ?

Recently, Facebook add new feature video live streaming. Anyone can share live video of event, party, conference and anything on Facebook. but,  How to share live video on Facebook ?

In this tutorial we will learn to how share live video on facebook. It’s very much easy to share. You guyz, need to follow below step.

Rignt now, this feature is not available for everyone.

Follow below step :

STEP 1 : Yo need to Login into Facebok iOS app OR Facebook Android app.

STEP 2 : Find the icon at the top of your timeline. Tap the icon below.  


STEP 3 : Find the icon below and tap that icon.

 STEP 4 : Write a optional description for your video. You can write in description about your event, video streaming info and anything.

STEP 5 : Tap GO LIVE to start your live broadcasting.

This is totally crazy things for me. And I am very much excited to get this feature for everyone.


If you are not eligible to live broadcasting on Facebook. We have also another way for broadcasting live video. using LIVE-STREAM. How to share live video on Facebook using Live-streaming tools ?

How do I share a live video in a group?

When you need to share a live video in a group, follow below steps.

STEP 1 : Go to that group from the Facebook iOS OR Android app.

STEP 2 : Now tap the text box that says “Write Something…”.

STEP 3 : Tap below icon.

STEP 4 : Write a brief description about your event OR purpose.

STEP 5 : And final, tap go to live button and after three-seconds countdown you video will be on live streaming in group.

You can also share a live video in an event OR specific community.

Let me know, If you have any query regarding live-streaming on Facebook. I surely, helps to you.

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