How to overwrite Magento admin url

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Solved problem of overwrite Magento admin url

This post will help you to increase your Magento backend security. Make safe your Magento from hackers and brute-force attacks. So, Question is How to overwrite Magento admin url .

Magento community default provide ‘/admin‘ for admin access into your store. So, many possibility to hack your Magento website.

So, if you want to change ‘/admin‘ to ‘/myspecialadmin‘. Please, follow below step.

Step 1 : Install Magento into your server / Local server.

Step 2 : Open your local.xml configuration file. File located at app/etc/ directory under your Magento store.

Step 3 : In local.xml file, you will find below code segment.

How to overwrite Magento admin url

Concentrate on this line : <frontName><![CDATA[admin]]></frontName>

admin‘ keywords decide to admin URL for your Magento store. So, simply change ‘admin‘ to ‘myspecialadmin‘.

After that, refresh your browser. Now you can see, you magento store’s admin url changed. Now, you can access your admin account using ‘/myspecialadmin‘ after your store url.

Main thing is your password and username not changed. Only routing URL changed.

So, Enjoy…

Let me know, if you face any other problem. We are here to help you.

How to change the magento admin URL or Path


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