How to install Zend framework 2


To install Zend framework 2 you have to follow below step

Download Zend Skeleton Application from this URL Zend Skeleton Application

Extract downloaded folder into your local server’s root folder

If you installed Xampp, then your default root folder is


If you installed Wamp, then your root folder is


Rename this folder as you want.(I named it ZF2)

Now you are not done yet. The skeleton Application is installed, but the framework is still missing, here some people might run into the first problems, but this actually is quite easy.

Now download composer window installer from and install it.

Define composer path in Window Environment Variable if required.

Now open command prompt and type composer to verify installation.

In command prompt move to zend framework 2 installation directory (Ex. C:\xampp\htdocs\ZF2).

And run below command

C:\wamp\www\zf2>php composer.phar self-update
Updating to version 15ad785ez55raj5kjnjkal749de47ca87d1408.
Downloading: 100%

Now in window command prompt run below command to install zend framework using composer.

C:\wamp\www\zf2>php composer.phar install

Wait for some time while composer download zend framework in your project.

If you get CGI Enable error eg. “You must enable the openssl extension to download files via https”.

Click you use wamp server click on wamp server icon in taskbar then go to

Apache -> Apache modules and click on ssl_module

061015_1905_Howtoinstal1.pngย 061015_1905_Howtoinstal2.png

Now open your browser and write this URL in address bar


If you see below screen then zend framework installed successfully. ๐Ÿ™‚


Hey Coderโ€ฆ..If you face any problem related with install or zend framework 2 web application development, Please fill free to put in comment.

Happy coding ๐Ÿ™‚

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