How to install Laravel Framework

Laravel is open-source , free PHP web application framework, which is created by Taylor Otwell. It’s following the model–view–controller (MVC) architectural pattern.

Laravel Framework Provide many built-in features.

Let’s, focus on how to install laravel framework in your system.

Step 1 : Open google and write Laravel. You will get first link . Open this link. See picture 1.

How To Install Laravel Framework

Step 2 : After clicking on this link , Click on Documentation tab. There is Installation guide.

Make sure your PHP version is PHP >= 5.5.9 . Your server support open SSL, PDO must. This is basic server requirements for installing Laravel Framework in your system.

Now, You need to install Composer in your system. Composer is a dependency manager for PHP.  Click here, To Download Composer . Click on Download button on that page and Download Composer. On download page, install composer for windows “Windows Installer” . Download Composer and run “Composer-Setup.exe”.


Step 3 : For installing Composer, Set your PHP Environment path. See image.


Step 4 : Now, download Laravel installer using Composer.

Write in command line (CMD) composer global require "laravel/installer"

Make sure to place the ~/.composer/vendor/bin directory in your path. So, Laravel executable can located by your system.
Installation complete. Laravel installation created using "laravel new".
Step 5 : Create new Laravel project using Composer.

composer create<span class="token operator">-</span>project <span class="token operator">--</span>prefer<span class="token operator">-</span>dist laravel<span class="token operator">/</span>laravel blog
So, <strong>Laravel </strong>
Framework Installation complete in your System.

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