How to add existing project to Github or BitBucket ?

You are a developer and creating a sample projects for your learning or for samples that can help you in future. Then why you don’t upload your github/bitbucket. Follow the below steps to upload your project on git/bitbucket.

Upload Project on GitHub – How to add existing project to GitHub or Bit-bucket

  1. Create account on github or bitbucket.
  2. Create new respository  on github or bitbucket. So you will get a http clone url with .git extension.
  3. Now come to your local directory/project that you want to upload on git.
  4. Open directory in terminal.
    cd /path/to/my/repo
  5. Init you project as git repository by following command.
    git init
  6. Connect this repository to remote git repository.
     git remote add origin
  7. Add all your folder and files of project to version control system by following command.
    git add .
  8. commit all your changes that you have added files and folder.
    git commit -m 'First Commit'
  9. Upload/push code to remote git repository.
    git push -u origin master

    It will ask for password for your git account. Enter it. Done !!

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